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Employee experience has become a crucial factor in managing and running a business. Having a strong culture and a positive day-to-day experience for employees is the most effective way to improve engagement rates and ensure business success. Moreover, organizations across the globe are finally beginning to understand that employee experience isn’t just an issue for HR to manage. Because the workforce is interacting across the entire enterprise, the responsibility for the quality of that experience rests on the shoulders of the entire business. Simultaneously, digital transformation is happening rapidly across all industries and organizations are struggling to keep up when it comes to engaging employees and developing talent at scale. Employees have an increasing number of systems to navigate which makes it harder for them to get the information they need and focus on the high value work that matters. Workers need a streamlined experience that insulates them from the complexity of enterprise systems, elevates communications out of the chaos of the inbox and makes it easier for them to complete routine tasks. Enter Workgrid Software.

Based in Boston, Workgrid Software's mission is to make employees work simpler, more efficient and engaging. The company's digital workplace platform integrates across core systems and tools found in the enterprise to provide employees with a central place for everything they need to know and do, as well as a more a more contextual and personalized experience.

“We do this by delivering an intelligent digital employee experience where all communications, notifications, alerts, and reminders are delivered on a contextual and personalized basis through a unified experience,” says Brett Caldon, Co-Founder and CEO of Workgrid Software.

Workgrid’s intelligent software simply augments what is already in place—extracting tasks and information to deliver a streamlined, modern, and consumer-grade experience. It eliminates the productivity burden that employees face when they have to log in to multiple applications. For example, Workgrid streamlines access to personalized information such as time-off balances, payroll information, learning management and more through Microapps that can be integrated into any web application such as an employee portal or intranet, a desktop application, or a mobile application. In addition, the smart notifications feature delivers an integrated employee experience, boosting productivity and eliminating cognitive overload with a centralized view of everything employees need to know and do.

These features let employees know exactly what they need to do and when—which ultimately enables workers to spend more time on their work, resulting in better engagement and higher business value.

The company focuses on enhancing employee productivity and dramatically reducing the number of clicks required to obtain employee-specific information by consolidating everything to a simple access point. To ensure employees have the access they need wherever they are, the goal is to allow employees to spend more time on high-value work which is key to providing a meaningful employee experience.
Workgrid is currently available as a mobile app as well as a web toolbar that can be layered within any web application (e.g., employee portal or intranet). The company is also planning to release a desktop app in mid-2020 to provide the full capabilities of the Workgrid Assistant via a desktop application.

Workgrid’s award-winning functionality has helped many organizations improve their employee experience and streamline their business processes.

For example, a large consumer product company knew that they needed to empower front-line workers with easily accessible, real-time information in order to provide the highest levels of service to their customers. The Workgrid Assistant enabled their field sales team with a single, centralized location for product updates, task information, sales KPIs, and information related to changing business conditions. The company's expertise simplified the experience for employees by aggregating across eight different enterprise systems. It alerted their sales force of key product and pricing changes and provided trends of the product lines over time. As a result, the sales team was able to provide better, more personalized service to customers efficiently and the organization noticed greater visibility into their progress and results as well.

“We plan on making advancements across the platform that will enable organizations to deliver intelligent and relevant experiences for employees that simplify their day, increase efficiencies, and engagement,” says Caldon.

The company is also building out new functionalities to help bring tasks and workflows that usually live across different systems together in a single view, which would be helpful for recurring tasks like onboarding. This will include a new workflow builder which is designed to streamline processes and workflows in an engaging manner so that it delivers a consumer-grade experience where the end-user can easily manage their tasks.

Additionally, with chatbot enhancements Workgrid is looking to advance enterprise assistance to a whole new level of sophistication, enabling knowledge and insights to be pulled from unstructured data (e.g., pdf documents, wikis, etc.) and search to become voice-enabled, which fulfills user intent rather than just executing on simple keyword searches. By leveraging more advanced uses of automation, AI and machine learning, the company is planning to deliver more profound experiences that can help anticipate employee's needs, make recommendations and automate tasks on their behalf.
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Workgrid Software

Workgrid Software

Boston, MA

Brett Caldon, CEO and Co-Founder

The company's intelligent digital workplace platform integrates across the common systems and tools found in the workplace to deliver personalized and contextual information to each employee in a modern, unified experience, eliminating the productivity burdens employees face when having to login to multiple applications to find information, manage to-dos, tasks and approvals. Workgrid provides a platform for streamlined and effective communications that connects employees with information they want and need from any device. By intelligently delivering information that is personalized and contextual per employee, Workgrid keeps employees engaged with information that is only of interest and relevance