Transforming the Workplace via 'Gamification'

David Cherrie, CEO, ArcadeDavid Cherrie, CEO, Arcade
Most companies put a big effort into connecting with and motivating the customer. Signage, ads, marketing, promotions, and product/service initiatives are a constant to engage and move people. It’s certainly important, and a key part of your business.

But business success isn’t just driven by converting customers or customer action. There are other aspects of your company that constantly contribute. Both the seen and unseen parts of your business play a role, when you’re building or managing your business, location, or department, it’s important to evaluate and maintain what goes on behind the scenes - not just what happens at the forefront.

This holds particularly true with employees. It’s not just what your teams do when they’re interacting with your customers, it’s the other tasks they’re assigned and how they complete them as well. Keeping employees motivated, driven, and taking action can be challenging despite your best efforts. The best talent is produced by businesses that provide more than just a paycheck and place to earn income but creating an environment that employees can thrive and succeed in is often easier said than done, and can be particularly difficult to do at scale, or across multiple teams and locations.

Today, technology and innovation are making it easier for employers, and providing new ways to improve employee performance and team building keep employees performing at their best. Additionally, data and insights that were once before difficult to capture or review with traditional approaches are now available.

Rising in popularity is the use of gamification. Taking the weekday morning team meeting to a new level, with real gains and rewards that go beyond company mugs and parking spots. Business goals integrate with the current business solutions such as CRM or wherever business data is stored and pulls this data in real-time. Employees join a mobile app to participate and as they complete workday tasks, successfully meet goals, or make a sale, it’s noted in the app and points, badges, or tokens are rewarded.
Game formats, rewards, and recognition are decided based on customization and data. Arcade directly taps into employee motivation and incentivizes everyday work tasks with engaging game tactics designed to boost and sustain morale and results. Depending on the objective, games can be individual or team-oriented, both fostering motivation and healthy competition. For example, games can be individual to motivate employees privately, or groups to foster healthy and fun competition. Arcade’s solution offers customization and definition of tasks and responsibilities, as well as deployment of various game styles across teams of any size or location. Employees can track their performance, opportunities for improvement, collaborate with their team, and collect rewards and prizes. You can also customize and define tasks or duties and deploy games across teams of any size and location, or with your entire organization. Employees can track their performance and see where they can improve. Rewards and prizes can be whatever you choose or currently offer.

Identifying where gamification could benefit your company is key. Whether it is a single location, various teams, or a larger group, you will be met with the technology and support needed to meet your goals and knock out KPIs. Additionally, work with leadership for input on customizing games and rewards.

To get started with gamification, give thought to where you feel gamification could benefit your company as you look for solutions. Will you deploy over a single location and small team, or a larger group? Work with a vendor that provides both the technology and support you need. Work with your company leaders for input and thoughts as you pick and select gamification options. Get creative with your rewards and prizes. Think about what would really be a win for someone on your team and a reward they’ll be motivated and excited about.

After implementing Arcade's gamification platform in May 2020, the multi-state retail chain, Mobile Destination reported a 20% sales revenue uplift and opened four additional stores. Every Mobile Destination location uses Arcade and has the autonomy to use it how they see fit. Some locations set up weekly race contests for specific products or services that are hard to sell or require an uptick in numbers. Some locations hold bounty contests that offer a certain award for achieving a goal. Others set up more traditional monthly contests that tally overall sales.

Greater success for your teams can also help improve employee retention and turnover. Leaders today should consider technology options to improve business and increase success. For many, gamification has proven to be a powerful solution.
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