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Joe Kristy, Managing Partner, Base22Joe Kristy, Managing Partner The workplace is no longer just a physical space occupied by employees during office hours; instead, it is a connected environment providing instant access to everything employees need. “Creating a digital workplace is more about people and change management than it is about technology. There are more than enough technology tools available, and honestly, the variety makes you dizzy,” asserts Joe Kristy, the Managing Partner of Base22. To address the transformational opportunities of a Digital Workplace, the company offers a complete set of services including planning, design, advice on proper use of technology and tools, process analysis, change management techniques, portal workplace development, and systems integration.

Kristy highlights that the change management component requires an understanding of the way people work, the processes that are most important to their jobs, and how they support those processes. “Our approach usually involves starting with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP). It acts as the Digital Workplace (DWP) hub that allows us to build the personalized user experience to support business processes, integrate into applications, and manage and present content in support of the business processes." asserts Kristy. The company then applies it’s change management “Catalyst Framework” that encompasses prebuilt tools and processes that enable company divisions and other entities to readily onboard to the Digital Workplace. Base22's Content First Methodology assures that the content creators have the necessary tools and processes to publish and tag content readily. This allows the user experience layer and search engines to deliver content to the right audience at the right time. It also provides the meta tags needed by search engines and exposes PDF files in a way that search engines can use them productively.

With our Catalyst Framework we build a program that assures a successful outcome. We don’t just leave you with a completed project. We also leave you with a roadmap including an understanding of what you have and how you might use the tools going forward for other purposes. We will give you the capability to create digital web experiences targeted to multiple audiences

“Using the Content First Methodology, we can reduce reliance on search engines while improving findability because the DXP can deliver what’s needed by the user on-demand. That in turn will shift the focus to DWP analytics which will support continuous workplace improvement. Some examples of this include examining search logs to improve content by measuring how users are accessing content and what is not being used, measuring the content and specific tone of user feedback and measuring actual user behavior, time on site and response time,” says Kristy.

Over the years Base22 has been developing Digital Workplaces, and according to Kristy the most crucial aspect that differentiates the company from the rest of its competition is how they implement the change management framework that works to enable their clients to seamlessly adapt digital workplaces and easily onboard their existing solutions to the platform.

“Our Content First Method enforces critical best practices – things like one page per idea that is the single source of truth, one owner per page, content is well described as to the audience, message, topic, and location in the DWP, to name a few.
All of this allows the for creation of personalized user experiences to support job roles and business processes,” says Kristy.

To further illustrate Base22’s proficiency, Kristy highlights a case study about a large state government with an Intranet, 200+ agency websites using different technologies, their own IT staff, and corresponding budgets. In less than 18 months, the company created a single cloud-based PaaS based on a DXP that provides a single identity to each employee and citizen in the state allowing them to access all state services, and an employee intranet serving over 90,000 employees/contractors. Additionally, Base22 created the State government site serving 10+million state citizens and have onboarded about 20 agency sites onto the platform to date.

The company today is looking forward to expanding its footprint as their methods are becoming more widely known among customers. Base22 is building on the concept of delivering information on demand by writing applications that utilize semantic graph data technologies. Semantic data technologies are self aware and create information models that understand data relationships and learn new relationships as information is added or accessed. This in turn will create a network of data pulling information in any format from multiple systems based on the need or business process being worked by the user. They have also written an application development tool for graph databases that is available in the market called Carbon LDP which allows integration of semantic technologies into Digital Workplaces.

Kristy concludes by saying that, “Our Catalyst Framework tools continue to grow. The latest is a Design System that allows designers to use prebuilt, standards-based components in the design process. When the design is passed to developers, the code for those components is readily available, so development time is significantly reduced – and you can use any of the popular JavaScript frameworks to create the User Experience.”
- Hanna Wilson
    June 03, 2020
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